Instructions for Solving a Sudoku Puzzle - Fill in the grid so that the numbers 1 through 9 appear only once in each of the nine horizontal rows, each of the nine vertical columns, and each of the nine 3x3 blocks.

Below is a list of the features and how to use them. Please refer to the alphabetically ordered section where you have a question. If you need more assistance than is covered below, please contact us at the address to the right.

Automatically Check for Errors - Check here to enable an error message that will notify you if you enter a wrong answer.
Background - Choose from a variety of backgrounds, or leave the background blank.
Clear Notes - This will clear all of the notes in the note-taking boxes.
Difficulty - Place the slider bar at the level of difficulty you would like to choose for your puzzle. Puzzles of higher difficulty take longer to load as all puzzles are created individually by No two puzzles are alike. Please keep this in mind if you choose a high difficulty level.
Enter your Own Puzzle - Here is where you enter a puzzle from another medium such as a newpaper or magazine. First, click the button. Second, enter all the clues from your puzzle. Third, click the red button "Click After Clues Entered". At this point will solve your puzzle and enter the solution in the Answer section. If cannot solve the puzzle, the Answer section will be blank. If the Answer section is blank, it is either because the clues were incorrectly entered, or there is more that one solution to this puzzle.
Highlight Errors - Click here to highlight errors in yellow.
Log Off - This will close the puzzle page and take you to the log in screen.
Print - Click this button to print your puzzle. You can choose to include the answers on the page or not include the answers.
Save/Delete Puzzle - Use this button to load a saved puzzle, save the puzzle you are working on, or delete one of your saved puzzles. Select the puzzle in the dropdown area to load a saved puzzle. Click the "Save My Puzzle" button to save the puzzle you are working on. To delete a puzzle, load the puzzle first, then click the "Delete My Puzzle" button.
Show/Hide Puzzle - Use this button to either show or hide the answers.
Start New Puzzle - This will start a new puzzle and erase the puzzle you are currently working on, unless you save the puzzle first.
Start/Stop Timer - This will start or stop a timer that will measure how long it takes to solve the puzzle.